Who We Are?

We are a Graphic Design Studio based in South Florida. We are responsible for growing brands and taking them to the next level. Our purpose is to develop your brand and help it grow in order to meet your expectations.

What we do?

We provide high-quality service for small, medium, and large computations with a reliable vendor for their advertising needs. Our 17+ years of experience in the industry allow us to provide outstanding service that will give every client satisfaction.

We do not cut corners when it comes to offering high-quality service; we use standard and premium materials to ensure you get the best result for your project

The best is always to contact us and see what makes us different from other advertising companies.

We Develop, Cultivate and Revive Brands Daily

Why us?

Not everyone really has experience. At Dream Factory, we pride ourselves in having more than 18 years of experience, specialized in advertising and graphic production

We work based on your goals, utilizing our experience and using creative tools to improve and increase value to your brand and/or product.

Knowing that the development of the brand is one of the most important opportunities for its success, we focus in providing creative, digital, physical products and services. 

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We'd love to help make your ideas a reality.

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